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The mission of MJ Performance Chiropractic is to bring opportunity and education to Sparta and surrounding communities to improve the lifestyle performances for people of all ages through high quality Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, and Natural Healthcare.


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What’s the Reason for ACL Injuries and Can They Be Prevented?

ACL injuries are prevalent in many sports and more so with women. I wrote a technical article on ACL injuries and prevention and found some things the average person can do to prevent ACL injuries.…

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Straighten Up. . . .Why?

Let’s talk posture and biomechanics. Many have heard me talk about biomechanics a time or two, but what is biomechanics? By definition, biomechanics is the study of mechanics of a living body, especially of the…

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3 T’s Subluxation

“I don’t need a Chiropractor” is unfortunately something we hear many times. It’s almost like they are saying they don’t have a spine or nervous system, which is untrue. The central nervous system is the…

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Why Should I Keep Chiropractic In My Life?

Why should anyone go see a Chiropractor? Some come in to see me for Chiropractic care for pain relief (whether from every day “wear and tear”, work related, auto related, sports injuries, etc.), and others…

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